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Daryl Snape
Ring name(s) Daryl Snape
Resides Unknown
Debut July 2, 2012

Daryl Snape is the chairman of The Leyland Wrestling Federation.



Daryl was appointed on the 11th June and announced to the Facebook community, promising in his statement to bring law and order to the federation and gain further publicity for the long awaited clash between Steve Bibby and James Bruce. Daryl announced that the match would be the main event at The LWF's first major show, Inception and also introduce the LWF Championship as the prize.

Fued with James Bruce

Daryl opened the inaugural Monday Night Mutiny on the 2nd July at Bibby Towers, addressing the online community and announcing matches involving both Bruce and Bibby for that night. His speech was cut short by a musical interruption. Agitated by this, his patience was further tested when James Bruce interfered in Bibby's match with Vladimir Lugervoy. Daryl warned Bruce that he could find a replacement for Inception but Bruce would go on to tamper with Bibby's property in the house, enraging Bibby who would assault Bruce before his match could begin. The first ever Mutiny would end in disorganized chaos.

Daryl's anger at the farcical ending provoked him to enforce a no contact rule between Bruce and Bibby, this included acquiring the services of other wrestlers or allies to carry out the attacks. Bruce also began interfering with the broadcast from the production truck, cutting off Bibby's mic and distorting the picture. After Bibby won a grudge match against The Ref, he was abducted at the roadside by two large men as he left to celebrate.

Daryl had seen enough and suspended Bruce, believing him to be the orchestrator behind the attack. Daryl then sent out his son H.A Snape, announcing him as Bruce's replacement at Inception. Bruce and Lugervoy would assault the younger Snape however and Daryl would be knocked down by Bruce as he attempted to intervene.

Daryl's feud with Bruce would create local interest and footage of Bruce punching the chairman would filter through to screens in Daryl's local pub, The Gables. Bruce would have the last laugh as Daryl would be forced to lift the suspension following the revelation that Vladimir Lugervoy had paid the assailants as a personal, voluntary favour to Bruce.

Inception and feud with Paul Bradley

During the weeks leading up to Inception, Daryl had made it clear that he wouldn't tolerate Paul Bradley's insolence. Having been revealed as the man behind the interruption on the first Mutiny, Bradley's insistence that he was more than simply a referee only gave Daryl more authority. Daryl contrasted Bradley's brash and rebellious style and appointed him as official during the main event at Inception.

Bradley remained angry at this and appeared on the Inception screen at Hunters Lodge on August 18th. Seen drinking outside The Fox and Lion pub in Leyland, Bradley confirmed he would not be participating, infuriating Daryl who would send inexperienced guest referee Dan Mears in as replacement.

Daryl would make one more appearance that afternoon, restarting the main event after both Bruce and Bibby landed in a double pinfall. Bradley would be ordered out on the following Mutiny to explain himself but was struck by Bruce in an ensuing altercation where Bruce almost assaulted the chairman again after Daryl announced Bibby's second opportunity at the belt.

The Turncoat Alliance

Daryl's problems with control began to surface after The Donn's appearance at Inception. After Steve Bibby's victory over James Bruce on the 5th Mutiny, Daryl discovered that The LWF's personel records had been altered, making Paul Bradley a manager as opposed to an LWF official. His three count during the yardfight was now void and the Championship had to be returned to James Bruce. Daryl's championship had been interfered with and now The Donn became a serious threat to his federation. It became apparent that Russian superstar Vladimir Lugervoy was part of this threat and began taking apart superstars, joining with the returning Alan Jones. The Donn disappeared from LWF programming after threatening Daryl with a complete takeover.

On the 7th edition of Mutiny, Daryl recruited Matt Chadwick to even up the odds but later on, Daryl was locked in the backstage area whilst Jones, Lugervoy, The Henchman and Matt Beesley -- betraying the company -- took apart his son, Bibby and Chadwick.

Daryl would appear at LWF Northern Warfare in a backstage argument with Alan Jones following his assault on Bibby at the conclusion of the fatal four way, he was also seen in the medical room with Bibby after, desperate for Bibby to continue through his injury. Bibby would not be able to overcome the dominant Lugervoy in the main event and Daryl would see the title go to the Alliance.


Daryl is seen as professional and easy going but often can be ruthless such as his suspension of Bruce and ordering Dan Mears to referee the Inception main event. He is an outgoing man who regularly visits the pub and one particular kebab house in Leyland each Friday night. His suit and tie image are widely identified now and his catchphrase, "At the end of the day" is often uncontrollably echoed by LWF superstars during promos and interviews.

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