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Backyard Wrestling Updates

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The biggest annual contest in the community and this year's GBYWN Spring Challenge 2010 has been set by Global Backyard Wrestling News. Last year, the GBYWN Spring Challenge 2009 had several federations competing by recording wrestling matches between combatants and posting them for the evaluation of the judges as Waco Association of Wrestling prevailed triumphant. The challenge deadline is on May 30, 2010. Participants are urged to get involved.


Two new GBYWN champions emerged from the CCW Welcome to the Real World event. Defending GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion Shooter faced off against Bywpedia Icon and all-time marquee athlete in backyard wrestling, Joe Randa, which saw Randa win the title. Tony Sheets also lost the GBYWN United States X-Division Championship to Eruption in a Triple Threat match with the inclusion of CJ Smith.


A confirmed report by co-owner Devin Bliss on the Global Backyard Wrestling News forums announces the official closure of Indiana Championship Wrestling (ICW). ICW, based out of Anderson, Indiana and founded by Chris Castle began operations in 2003 as Kids Championship Wrestling but more at a crucial point in 2006, where the federation commenced to embark on a more serious run. Wrestling festivities were in the beginning years hosted on a trampoline and the federation usually implemented fireworks to add to the flair of their events. In May 2008, Kids Championship Wrestling was renamed to Indiana Championship Wrestling and got dubbed their "new era". They joined GBYWN that same year, and eventually formed working relationships with other federations in the community. By 2009, ICW invested in a base to replace their trampoline and started holding and attending backyard wrestling supershows such as ICW This is Our House, BWA Global Domination, X2X Wrestlegasm, ICW Midwest Extravaganza and ICW It's Bsnowing Because of Khatonic. By 2010, ICW encountered problems with their wrestling base due to dilapidation and decided to return to the trampoline for an interim time. However, Bonecrusher made the ultimate choice to discharge it out of his hosting backyard. With the CCW Welcome to the Real World supershow that ICW members were scheduled for presence, Chris Castle and ICW World Heavyweight Champion Devin Bliss came to a mutual consensus to close down the federation and made the announcement legitimately on camera with Bliss putting the ICW Title on Castle. Many of the wrestlers will now continue to backyard wrestle in other federations and supershows of availability in their western area.


It had been limitedly reported by backyard wrestler, Focalin on the GBYWN forums, that ICW's The Pen Name sustained injury in a match at ICW It's Bsnowing Because of Khatonic, where in a sight of worry, began bleeding from the mouth and that after a cat scan performed from a physician for diagnosis, serious concerns arose. The Pen Name later came on and detailed the incident saying,

"I had a match with Rockin Rivera. Well, in the match, I took a powerbomb on ground. And when I hit, it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. I've not once felt a bump like that. So, I finished the match but, throughout it, I was coughing up blood like crazy. For about 2, 2 1/2 hours. Ever since then, I've been having sharp pains in my abdominal area. And it was hard to breathe. I couldn't inhale deep or anything like that. So, I went to the hospital. They did chest X-Rays and a CAT scan. Well, 2 days ago, they called me to have me go back and talk the results over with me. So, I went. And come to find out, I have free fluids and a itsy bitsy tear on my spleen. And I have like, blood clots in my chest or something like that. And they told me not to wrestle until this all heals. Now, they told me to come back in two weeks for another CAT scan to see if that is all cleared up. So, hopefully I'll be good in about 2 weeks. But, they also said that it may take quite sometime for this to occur."

The best wishes are sent out to The Pen Name for a speedy and effective recovery.


During a phone interview with Rad Hazard on the 12/02/09 Backyard Wrestling Weekly episode, BWA Middleweight and Midwest X-Division Champion and GBYWN World Heavyweight Champion as well as one of BYW's technical wrestling bright lights, Shooter, broke legitimate news announcing his retirement tour from backyard wrestling within the year of 2010, for wanting to take his wrestling career further.

The tour would see Shooter travel to preferably multiple eastern backyard wrestling events competing against many from the known federations in that area and defending the GBYWN Title. Several names have been called for a challenge and the potential for many high profile matches hang in the balance in 2010 for Shooter in ending his backyard wrestling tenure in a blaze of glory.

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