XWA eXtreme Justice 2011

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xWa eXtreme Justice 2011
Date Held August 27, 2011
Location Ninety Six, SC (Cateechee Festival)

xWa eXtreme Justice 2011 was the first show under the xWa banner.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Rocky Saiki defeated Marcus Mason and Aaron McClure Three Way Singapore Cane Match
2 Brian Thrill defeated Scotty Claymore, El Dorito, and Brian White Ladder Match for the Ace in the Hole Contract
3 Sean Storm (c) w/ Vincent Slade defeated Robert Mack w/ Jasmine Rose I Quit Match for the SCW Internet Championship
4 The Power Trip defeated Pimp Country (c) Chairs Match for the Undisputed SCW Tag Team Championship
5 Bull McBride defeated Eric Thompson Chain Match
6 TJ Boss (c) defeated James Hall Extreme Justice Match for the SCW Heavyweight Championship
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