The New Divide

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The New Divide
Members Tommy Hart
Bobby Cade
Victor David
Bella Cross
Nikki Foxx-Hart
Name(s) The New Divide
The Divide
Combined weight N/A
Debut 2009
Promotion(s) Non Stop Wrestling

The New Divide is an backyard wrestling tag team performing in Non Stop Wrestling, consisting of Tommy Hart, Dynamo, Bobby Cade, Victor David, Bella Cross, and Nikki Foxx-Hart, whom under the Freebird Rule are the current NSW World Tag Team Champions in their first reign.




Divide And Conquer (2009)

Rise To Power (2010-present)

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Cardiac Arrest (Tommy Hart)
    • Dynamic Plunge (Dynamo)
    • Canadian Cloverleaf (Cade)
    • The Devils Boot (David)
    • ZigZag-STO Combo (Cade & Dynamo)
    • Impact 2 Hart (Superkick-Pedigree Combo by Hart & Dynamo)
  • Signature gestures
    • Locking the thumbs and holding the fingers in a diamond
  • Theme music
    • "The Black Skies (New Divide Remix)" by Linkin Park

Championships and accomplishments

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