SCW Justice 4 All 2011

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SCW Justice 4 All 2011
Date Held August 13, 2011
Location Springfield Missionary Baptist Church (Celebration Center) in Laurens, SC

SCW Justice 4 All 2011 is an upcoming SCW super card that will feature a battle for control over SCW against The Black List Society (xWa).


# Matches Stipulations
1 Brian White defeated El Dorito and Brian Thrill at 21:23 via Pinfall Triple Threat Match for the Vacant SCW Live Championship
2 Marcus Mason vs. JJ Renegade went to a No Contest at 3:07 Singles Match
3 Sean Storm defeated Robert Mack w/ Jasmine Rose at 17:40 via Pinfall Match for the "Undisputed" SCW Internet Championship
4 Scotty Claymore defeated Rocky Saiki at 9:12 via Submission Singles Match
5 TJ Boss, MiZerY, Sean Van, & Eric Thompson w/ Reverend Revis defeated James Hall, Bull McBride, Anderson Strong, & Antonio Smith at 22:46 via Pinfall Justice 4 All Match for Control of SCW
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