SCW Cyber Slam 2012

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SCW Cyber Slam 2012
Date Held May 19, 2012
Location Coronaca, SC

SCW Cyber Slam 2012 is an upcoming fan interactive event. Fans choose the opponents, match types, and stipulations via online voting polls.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Aaron McClure (c) vs. Ian Osborne vs. ??? SCW Internet Championship [Fans choose the 3rd man in this Triple Threat Match]
2 Robert Mack (c) vs. Eric Thompson [Fans choose the Match Type: 2 out of 3 Falls / Casket Match / Last Man Standing] for the SCW Heavyweight Championship
3 Sean Van & TJ Boss vs. James Hall [Fans choose the Type of Handicap Match: Tornado Tag / Lumberjack Match / Elimination] for Van's "Ace in the Hole Contract"
4 Strong & Mason (c) vs. "The Owner's Handpicked Team" SCW Tag Team Championship [Fan's choose the Guest Referee: Sean Storm / TJ Boss / Vincent Slade]
5 Del Frito vs. El Dorito [Fan's choose the Stipulation: Loser Unmasks / Paco: Free or Fried / Loser is Fired]
6 Xtreme J-Dawg & Sean Storm vs. Rocky Saiki & Antonio Smith
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