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H.A Snape
Ring name(s) H.A Snape
Height Unknown
Born Unknown
Resides Unknown
Debut July 30, 2012

H.A Snape is a wrestler for The Leyland Wrestling Federation in the north of the UK. He is the son of LWF Chairman, Daryl Snape.




H.A made his debut on the 2nd edition of Monday Night Mutiny on July 30th 2012, announced as the replacement for James Bruce in the title match at Inception following his suspension.

After a beatdown at the hands of Bruce and Lugervoy culminating in an attack on his father, Snape attended a contract signing on Mutiny's third edition to confirm his participation at Inception. His opportunity would be short-lived as hidden footage would clear Bruce of wrong doing and put him back into the main event. H.A would snap and attack Bibby in a rage, only to be assaulted once again by Vladimir Lugervoy. H.A went to his father and demanded a shot at Lugervoy but instead was placed in a match with James Bruce in Mutiny's main event. He was guaranteed a match for the number one contendership at Inception with the Russian. Snape scored his first win when Steve Bibby interfered. Unable to hit Bruce due to Daryl's ruling, Bibby hit the BibbyCutter on Snape, disqualifying Bruce.

At Inception, Snape would face Lugervoy in what many consider to be the best technical match in The LWF to date. Snape would be unsuccessful however when Lugervoy speared him through the television screen outside the ring. He would be unable to recover and was defeated through Lugervoy's bearhug.

The Alliance and Northern Warfare

In the coming weeks, H.A would attempt to prove his worth, defeating Bear Johnson in 30 seconds on the 4th edition of Mutiny. During the next episode, H.A consulted with his dad about a possible rematch with Lugervoy but both became distracted by The Donn's presence outside. H.A confronted The Donn but suffered a chairshot at the hands of his henchman.

After Steve Bibby was forced to give back the LWF Championship due to Paul Bradley's contract alterations, Bibby urged H.A to consult with his dad to create a tag match on the 6th show against The Donn and his Henchman. The Donn would leave during the night, leaving the henchman to battle it out. Snape and Bibby would pick up the win but were ambushed and beaten by Vladimir Lugervoy. It had earlier been stated that Lugervoy was part of a new alliance, out to take over the federation. As Lugervoy handcuffed Snape to a post, "The Eclipse" Alan Jones made his first appearance, seemingly as help, but quickly turned on them, beating down H.A and slamming Bibby through a table. More chaos followed on the 7th Mutiny as Snape aided Bibby twice, once in the ring and then later in the yard as Alliance members assaulted the LWF roster.

H.A competed at Northern Warfare at Shawbrook 48 on November 25th in a fatal four way elimination match for the number one contendership with Matt Chadwick, Steve Bibby and the Alliance's Alan Jones. Before the match, Snape warned Bibby that the company should come before title aspirations but Bibby struck H.A with a clothesline early on, and the match quickly became every man for themselves. After Chadwick's elimination, Snape and Bibby regained their teamwork and attempted to put Jones away but Bibby attempted to seize a BibbyCutter opportunity on Snape. Snape reacted angrily and was eliminated via Jones' Total Eclipse.


H.A Snape is seen as one of the most physically gifted superstars in The LWF and shows fierce loyalty to his father's company. He competes in a vest and ¾ length jeans on most occasions and is known for his confidence and intensity.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Snape Fear (Arm Wringer DDT)
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