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Matt Borske
Ring name(s) Matt Borske
Billed height  ? ft ? in
Billed weight  ??? lb
Born Unknown
Helena, Montana
Resides Parts Unknown
Trained by Killer B.
Debut 2000

Matt Borske (???? ??, ????) is a professional wrestler that is currently signed with IWE where he is signed to the Dynasty brand, But is currently part of the Invading stable known as Massacre Championship Wrestling he is also the current reigning MCW Championship and the current (kayfabe) owner of Massacre Championship Wrestling.


Professional wrestling career

International Championship Wrestling

Debut and face turn (2000-2002)

Pursuit over the IWE Championship and The Borske's unite (2002-2004)

Championship success and heel turn (2004-2009)

The Nexus and more success (2010)

The Nexus join MCW and MCW management (2011-present)

In wrestling

Championship and accomplishment

1 Matt Borske's regin as MCW Champion and Ownership of the MCW is also a International Wrestling Entertainment for him.

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