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Brenah McAlmond
Brenah during a beach day during SummerTime Blues weekend
Ring name(s) Brenah McAlmond
Billed height  ? ft. ? in
Billed weight  ??? lb
Born December 19, 1989 (age 19)
Helena, Montana
Resides Helena McAlmond
Trained by Billy McAlmond
Debut 2009

Brenah McAlmond - (born December 19, 1987) is a professional wrestling diva who currently wrestles for International Wrestling Entertainment. She is currently competing on the Dynasty brand where she is aligned with Her Brother, Her two cousions and her In-Laws, as a part of the faction D-Generation X


Professional wrestling career

International Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday Night Turbo (2009-2010)

Wednesday Night Dynasty and D-Generation X (2011-present)

In wrestling

Championship and Accomplishment

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