BCW Survival Stand 2008

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BCW Survival Stand 2008
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling
Date November 24, 2008
Venue BCW Arena
Location Alberta, Canada
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BCW Survival Stand
BCW Hardcore Haven 2008 BCW End Era 2008
BCW Survival Stand chronology
BCW Survival Stand
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EAW/BCW Survival Stand is a backyard wrestling monthly show/event produced under BCW or Backstream Championship Wrestling. This show was the inaggural show of the series. It features a 4 vs 4 or 5 vs 5 classic survivor series matches.


The event featured six official backyard wrestling wrestling matches on the card. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling, After the fall out of Hardcore Haven Ryan Tonsi seemed to be in complete control of BCW. He made a deal with fellow feds to help get their titles back since he could not strip them. This came to a halt when commander d came out and challenged him and his "Empire" to a Survival Stand match. CLAter that same night Commander and King reunited to form the Oil City Machine Guns.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Silgo and Molson (OCW) defeated Xander and Zamatros (BCW) Tag Team Match 21:16
2 Scorpion defeated El Xero (c) Singles Match for the RCW Television Championship 23:43
3 Alex Austin and Sir Jacob defeated Khayn and Tempest Tag Team Match 19:46
4 Team Stevens (K-Stevens, Fusion, Danjuro and Meath) defeated Team PWA (Brandon Roberts, David White, Kamikaze and Freelancer) 4 on 4 Survival Stand Match 28:29
5 Team Oil City Machine Guns (Commander D, King, Danger Dave, Eric Hinz, Adam Young and Killer K) defeated Tonsi Empire (Ryan Tonsi, Scott Tonsi, Dustin T., Kyser, Koncur and John Varkin) 6 on 6 Survival Stand Match 47:10
6 Crusher defeated Ryan Tonsi singles mAtch for the BCW World Championship 0:20


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