BCW New Year Start Up 2006

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EAW/BCW New Year Start up 2006
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling
Date January 19, 2006
Venue EAW Arena
Location Alberta, Canada
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BCW New Year Start Up
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New Year Start Up
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EAW/BCW New Year Start Up is a backyard wrestling monthly show/event produced under BCW or Backstream Championship Wrestling. This show was the first show of the series. This show is featured in January as the second show of the new year and with many wrestlers gone for exams or vacations the card is usually never the best.


The event featured six official backyard wrestling wrestling matches on the card. Applying to backyard wrestling, where in relationship to professional wrestling, King defended his EAW World Championship against The A-Squad in a three vs one handicap match.


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Kevin Morrison defeated CJ Youkai Singles Match 23:15
2 Triple X defeated Sanyo Singles Match 9:36
3 Alex Austin and StingRay defeated Danjuro and Meath Tag Team Match 19:47
4 Killer K defeated Xander and Heilo Triple Threat Match 15:25
5 James Starr (c) defeated Total Destruction Singles Match for the EAW Canadian Championship 27:12
6 King (c) defeated The A-Squad (K-Stevens, Ryan Wilson and Zane) 3 vs. 1 Handicap Tag Match for the EAW World Championship 35:36


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