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Ring name(s) Akitaka
Height Unknown
Born Unknown
Resides Unknown
Debut Unknown

Akitaka is a backyard wrestler currently wrestling for The Leyland Wrestling Federation in the north of the UK.


His character has become somewhat of a comical enigma in The LWF, debuting at Inception on August 18th 2012.

He was defeated in seconds by fellow debutant "The Nice Guy" Dan Mears and in similar fashion the following week by Matt Chadwick. Both defeats occurred when Akitaka missed a move and injured himself.

After a match with Bear Johnson was cancelled due to Bear's alcohol problems, Akitaka took on newcomer Dan Wooley on the 7th edition and was again defeated after being mysteriously knocked down during the vignettefor Chemical Man.

Akitaka was defeated by Chemical Man at Northern Warfare after Dan Mears inadvertently tripped him, sending him face first into the set's ladders.

Akitaka's identity is unknown, dressing in all black attire and hiding behind a skull mask. He uses several varieties of martial arts moves which more often than not fail miserably. However, he did display an array of previously unseen offensive moves during his bout with Chemical Man. He remains the most unsuccessful LWF Superstar to date.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • Smackitaka (Martial arts chop to the neck)
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