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The XWF Championship is a backyard wrestling primary championship competed for in Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XWF). It is XWF's highly valued championship title since its introduction in 2009.


In 2009, XWF was brought back from a fold and was reborn. The last champion was Skylar Storm who was re-awarded the championship when the fed was brought back on. Skylar picked one of his friends to become a wrestler and had him come on as a contender for the XWF title. Which escalated into a violent series of matches with the title on the line.

Title history

# Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Defenses: Event: Notes:
Skylar Storm
October,17 2009
Nightfall (2009)
Storm became the first ever wrestler to be XWF Champion in the old and new XWF after defeating TJ Edington.
TJ Edington
November 07, 2009
Devastion (2009)
TJ became the champion after defeating Skylar Storm.
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