Skylar Storm

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Skylar Storm
Ring name Skylar Storm
Height 5'10
Weight 149 lbs.
Born December 16, 1994 (age 15)
Tampa, FL
Resides Jasper, FL
Debut 2005

Skylar Storm is an American backyard wrestler currently signed to East Coast Wrestling Alliance (ECWA). His real name is Josh Redman. Josh first discovered backyard wrestling watching a video on youtube from In Your House Wrestling Alliance (IYHWA). The video inspired his friend Josh and himself to create their own federation. He has been a part of many feds within the north Florida area near the Florida/Georgia line.


Backyard Wrestling Tenure

Extreme Championship Backyard Wrestling

Storm watched a video entitled Backyard Wrestling produced by IYHWA. Which it inspired the idea of ECBW. Storm and his friend Josh Smith (who is also known as JKX in the wrestling world) stayed up all night in 2005 making their own championship and starting their backyard wrestling careers. They made their BYW debuts in an event they held in ECBW called Wow, We Made It. Their first recorded event actually came three years later in 2008. The event was called Fully Loaded which presented another wrestler named Dreven. Eventually the federation folded so then Storm really just wrestled anywhere he could never really signed to a federation till later in his career.

Xtreme Wrestling Federation

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Eye of the Storm
    • Trip-storm (Running STO)
    • Ome Driver (Torture Rack Powerbomb)
    • Destroy the Runner (Running Double Knees)
    • 2k10 Driver (Reverse Death valley Driver)
    • Emerald Fusion
    • Texas Clover Leaf
    • Lethal Combination
  • Entrance Themes

Championships and accomplishments

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