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Revolution World Order (RWO)
Members Lil A (Leader)
Name Revolution World Order (RWO)
Debut 2008
Promotion Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation

Revolution World Order is a backyard wrestling heel stable in Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation which consisted of leader Lil A, Speed, Leed, And Phantom The Group Disbanded After There Final Two Members Leed And Lil A


In April 2008 promo's started being posted about a virus referring to the RWO. In the mist of all this Leed was THWF World Heavyweight F'N Champion. Around the time of "US Brawl" RWO aired videos mentioning they would debut at the show. After Leed VS Lil A in which Lil A became the new THWF Champion. He and Speed would reveal their selves to be RWO. And gave Leed a option to join. During the Lil A/Mad Dog Moseley match Leed would interfere on behalf of Lil A thus joining RWO. However, Problems stirred that night as Speed left RWO due to disagreements he would go on to feud with Lil A and RWO added Phantom to their group Leed would actually still befriend his brother for a while until before "Trailor Hood Terror" Leed subsequently tryed to win the THWF title to no avail at the same show. But did help Lil A after his self was eliminated. Leed would take a break until RWO's final approach: bringing back the THWF championship earlier that night Lil A won the United States Championship. And was made special referee for Leed VS Speed after accidentally giving the pin to Speed, Leed would hit Lil A with a knee breaker. Lil A had Leed come back to reason but attacked him. Speed and Leed attacked Lil A officially ending RWO. However. On May 25th It Was Announced RWO Will Return

In wrestling

  • Theme music
    • D Boy by Lil Wayne

Championships and accomplishments

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