NAX Ashes to Gold 2010

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NAX Ashes to Gold is the upcoming and first ever event to be held by New Age Xtreme Wrestling. The shows name is a fusion of GCW's flagship event, Gold Rush, and xWa's flagship event, Ashes to Ashes. This event will be known as NAX's flagship event.


# Matches Stipulations
1 Mizery vs. Sterling Silverman Gold Rush Qualifier
2 Malice vs. Rocman Da Pimp Gold Rush Qualifier
3 Gimmick Infringement vs. The Saneos Tag Team Match
4 Asylum vs. Kurtis Spade Gold Rush Qualifier
5 Bull McBride vs. Sean Van Gold Rush Qualifier
6 Scream Team vs. Bad Company Tag Team Match
7 ? vs. ? vs. ? vs. ? (Winners of Gold Rush Qualifiers) Gold Rush Match to crown the first ever NAX Heavyweight Champion
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