British Allstar Wrestling

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British Allstar Wrestling
Acronym BAW
Established 2010
Management Feature Shock Entertainment
Style Extreme and Technical
Location Scotland
Announcers Jeff Jefferson
Stanley Sprott
External links Dailymotion Channel

British Allstar Wrestling are a backyard wrestling internet based federation founded in 202010 and located in the United Kingdom. The company features talent from Scotland, England and Wales and consider them an all-over British company.


BAW: Origin

See also: BAW: Origin

BAW look to kick off their first Free-Per-View in July, known as Origin. The card will consist of 3 matches; a tag team match between the 4 semi-finalists in the BAW Championship Tournament, a contest between JKH and Ryan Shadows for the BAW British Heavyweight Championship and a "Clash of the Nations" match between Blake Huntington and Gavin Starr.

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