Baltimore Elite Wresting Alliance

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The Baltimore Elite Wrestling Alliance (BEWA) is a backyard federation based out of Baltimore Maryland, U.S. The BEWA was founded in November of 2008 by Chris Bomber after he resigned as the Booker of Maryland Underground Wrestling (MUW). The BEWA had its first show on Sunday February 1st 2009 at Patterson Park, Maryland. The BEWA has shows on every other Sunday from Late January/Early February until Late November.

The BEWA has two rosters, and thus, two regular shows. The two shows are Warfare and Chaos. These two shows are held on the same Sunday. Two weeks later, a "Big" Show, featuring the wrestlers of Warfare & Chaos takes place. These larger shows tend to have more high stakes matches and championship matches, although championships are regularly defended on Warfare & Chaos as well.

The BEWA has seven championships. The BEWA Championship is the top Title on Warfare. The World Heavyweight Title is the top Title on Chaos. The Intercontinental Is the second tier Title for Warfare. The United States Title is the second tier Title for Chaos. The Women's Title, Tag Team Titles, and the Hardcore Title are not brand specific, and are defended on both shows, as well as the big shows.

Much, much more will be added as time goes on.

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