BCW Stairway to Glory 2006

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EAW Stairway to Glory 2006
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling
Date March 20, 2006
Venue EAW Arena
Location Alberta, Canada
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EAW/BCW Stairway To Glory III is a PPV formly held by Extreme Ameteur Wrestling now held by Backstream Championship Wrestling. Stairway to Glory features one of the most complicated matches in wrestling history, The Stairway to Glory match. It begins with two wrestlers and every 90 seconds another superstar enters till everyone is in the match. The ladder is used to retrieve the title that hangs above the ring however cannot be used to retrieve the title till until the final participant has entered. Till then the ladder can be used as a weapon. Pinfalls and submissions are legal till the final competitor has entered and once entered it is now a ladder match.


The event featured six official backyard wrestling wrestling matches on the card. In 2006, EAW was having financial troubles but that didnt stop EAW Management t put on their best PPV. This time Commander D returned to the main event defending his title against King, Killer K, K-Stevens, Alex Austin, Crusher, Zakk, StingRay, Triple X and Xander


# Results Stipulations Times
1 Blaze defeated Adam Young Sinlges match 12:29
2 Total Destruction (c) defeated Ear-Wax, James Starr, Ace and FireStorm V1 Five-Man Ladder Match for the EAW Canadian Championship 29:51
3 Kai and Lan defeated Zamatros and Master Kage Hardcore Tag Team Match 21:49
4 Cobra defeated Xero Cobra Rulez Match 15:51
5 Bolt defeated SafeCracker Singles Match 12:28
6 Commander D (c) defeated Crusher, King, Alex Austin, Zakk, StingRay, K-Stevens, Killer K, Triple X and Xander Stairway to Glory Match for the EAW World Championship 43:54


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