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Alvaro Alejandro Laveaga Machado (Born August 11, 1987) and better known as BlackHeart during his tenure in XWR is a 4-Times XWR Champion,a 12-Time EPW Heavyweight Champion, 1-Time UCW Hardcore Champion, and 1-Time Unique FNC Champion as well as a 3-Times XWR Tag Team Champion. This Wrestler is currently signed on the Federation of Extreme Wrestling (FEW).


3-Time Crash Course Survivor Inaugural Winner of King of the Death Matches (Event Consisting of a Singles Elimination-Style Tournament Matches)

Personal Life

Founder of Extreme Power Wrestling (Subsequently Xtreme Wrestling Revolution)

Alvaro Laveaga finished his studies in High School, deciding to live his dream of becoming a Hardcore Legend one day.

Signature Moves:

Black Heart Beat (Back Suplex with Sleeping Hold finishing on a Bridge) X-Bomber (Electric Chair Sitting Powerbomb)

Signature Quotes and Phrases: (Mute Character) Hysteric Laugh and and ´´pulse check´´ in the neck after using the Black Heart Beat

BlackHeart "The KIng Of Xtrem & Hardcore Rulz" 09/21/2007 [1]

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