Alfred Russell

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Alfred Russell
Ring name Alfred Russell
Height 5 Foot 7
Weight 157lbs
Born April 16, 1994 (Age 15)
Resides Mobile, Alabama
Debut 2006

Alfred Russell (Born April 16th 1994) Is A Backyard Wrestler Currently Performing For Federation Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation And Formerly Worked For Championship Wrestling Federation He Is Best Known For His Feud With Rock N Roll Machine. He Made His Backyard Wrestling Debut In 2006 working in APW. (APW Was Later Changed To CWF)


APW/CWF (2006 - 2009)

Alfred Russell Started Wrestling Off Camera For APW in 2006. After they began to film in 2007 he formed a tag team with The Rock N Roll Machine. They would become Tag champions afterwards they formed World Domination. A group featuring Brian Russell, Hisself, Rock N Roll Machine, And Anthony Blackmon. He would turn on all them and change his name to Alfred Russel. He would go on to win the CWF Championship. after Unifying the world and CWF championships 2 Times all titles (with the exception of his) would be vacated. As they began to change their name to CWF. He would successfully defeat Rock N Roll Machine at No Remorse and Introduced Lil A to CWF. He would form the alliance The Honest Men Soon after he would lose his title to Rock N Roll Machine. On the Destruction after wards, He would be attacked by Matt Taylor and would quit CWF.

Trailor Hood Wrestling Federation (2009 - Present)

Alfred would shockingly join the THWF on July 25th 2009 after losing in the fatal four way he would go into a feud with Speed. At US Brawl 2009 he would defeat Speed with help from Lil A. On August 17th 2009 they would form a team known as New World Domination

In Wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • The Best Darn Kick - Superkick
    • The Guitar Solo
    • Suicide Dive
    • The Best Darn Hurricarana
  • Quotes
    • "Because im THAT DARN GOOD!"
  • Entrance Themes
    • "Pour Some Sugar On Me" By Def Leppard
    • "Remedy" By Seether
    • "Let It Rock" By Kevin Rudolf

Championships And Accomplishments

Action Packed Wrestling/Championship Wrestling Federation

    • APW/CWF Championship (3 Times)
    • APW/CWF World Heavyweight Championship (2 Times)
    • APW Tag Team Championship (1 Time) With Rock N Roll Machine
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