AV Dangerously

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AV Dangerously
Real name Andrew Venunables
Height N/A
Weight You don't need a number but he's pretty much disgusting.
Born February 21)
Resides Bisbane, Queensland, Australia
Debut June, 2007

GAYV Dangerously is the owner and announcer of AWGP. He tends to prefer to take it from behind. the scenes but isn't afraid to ruffle some feathers to get results, which is a sentence that barely makes sense. AV Dangerously also worked for Pro Fed, Australasian Wrestling Federation as a DVD Producer (No such thing as a "DVD producer", what does he do, burn dvds?) and travels monthly to Sydney for shows (Which is also known as "Being a virgin"). He can also be found as one of the more annoying losers of PWAQ. AV debuted as General Manager of AWL in June of 2007 and he's only gotten stronger since (stronger at what?). He is reffered to by himself as the Paul Heyman of Backyard Wrestling due to his reputation of pissing off the pro's and breaking all the rules, which is pretty pathetic considering he's the one that wrote his own page, sitting there behind his computer screen, tooting his own horn, and having no respect from anyone in the pro wrestling business. At least Paul Heyman had peoples respect, a good creative mind that doesn't take a championship and give it 10 different title holders in the space of 8 months. AV also operates New World Videos, a DVD Production facility avaliable for hire in Australia, because that information is relevant and everybody gives a shit.

Backyard Federation History

  • (nWd) Australian Wanking League - General Manager, Announcer
  • (nWd) Full Ass Throttle Wrestling - Announcer
  • (nWd) Total NonStop Teenage Cum Wrestling - Announcer
  • New World of Disorder / Australian Wrestling Grand Pricks Owner and lead announcer.
  • Voted backyard wrestlings biggest tool 3 years running.

Pro Federation History

  • 2008 - 2009 Impact Pro Wrestling Australia - Head Referee and Announcer
  • 2009 Australian Championship Wrestling Alliance - Announcer and Commisioner
  • 2009 to 2010: Australasian Wrestling Federation - Videographer and DVD Producer. Assisted in filming of AWF TV Show (which was probably him just hanging around and moving a few cords.)
  • 2010 - Pro Wrestling Allaince Queensland - Videographer
  • 2010 - present: Nightmare Wrestling - Videographer


GAYWGP Smashmouth Championship - 1 Time

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