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BWE Redemption
Format Sports Entertainment

Professional Backyard Wrestling

Created By Steven Hardy
Starring BWE Wrestlers
Last Event BWE Raising the Bar
Next Event BWE Red Alert

BWE: Redemption is a backyard wrestling event produced by Backyard Wrestling Entertainment, which takes place every December 6, at the BWE Arena in Stonewall, La.



Steven Hardy started up BWE in November of 2009. The federation will host its first event on January 3, 2009 and will host 4 matches. Iceberg will make his FPV debut against The Punisher, Steven Hardy will Defend the LBYW Championship against Jimmy Nitro, The Kid will be defending the GBYWN Mid-South Championship against Captain Pain, Stone Hardy will defend the BWE Championship against Black Ice. The event will be the second Free-Per-View in BWE History.


List of matches to be held at the event


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