Oil City Machine Guns

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The Oil City Machine Guns
Tag Team
Members Commander D
Name Oil City Machine Guns
Debut 2008
Promotion Backstream Championship Wrestling

The Oil City Machine Guns formerly D-Xtreme are a backyard wrestling face tag team in Backstream Championship Wrestling which consists of Commander D and King.

The Guns are the most recoginzed Tag Team in BCW today. They are known for their fast paced tag team amtches and funny antics outside the ring. Both members have held multiple titles while together with Commander D holding the majority of them. The team is well known for the matches between one another and of course teaming up.


The guns werre created following the disbanding of D-Xtreme following Survival Stand 2008. Commander D and King lost a falls count anywhere elimination match in which if they lost they would have to disband as a team forever. Commander D and King werent gonna let this happen to the greatest tag team to hit BCW. They read the fine print which said they would have to disband as D-Xtreme and only D-Xtreme. On an Episode of BCW WarFare Commander D was set to face Ryan Tonsi and John Varkin. Commander D came out with a new entrance theme and his partner King. Ryan Tonsi protested this but to no aval. Commander D and King won the match announcing that D-Xtreme maybe gone but The Oil City Machine Guns are here and they are coming for you (Ryan Tonsi). The Oil City machine guns took time off and eventually return in november to take part in the Classic Survival Stand Match in which Team Oil City won. The Guns teamed up with BCW Champion Crusher and defeated the Tonsi bros. and Zane. The Guns took part in the stiarway to glory match in mid December but did not win. The Guns took the rest of the year off soon afterwards.

In 2009, The guns made their anticipated new year ddebut by defeated Khayn and Tempest. The Guns took a few months off to work on the singles portion of wrestling. In late April they decided to work as a tag team again. They entered the Resurrection Tag Team Tournament and defeated Xavier and JC Jones in the Quarterfinal, then a hard fought win over Khayn and Tempest in the Semi-Final and finally at Resurrection 2009 they defeated Blaze and StingRay and earned the rite to face the Undisputed Tag Champions whenever they choose in any match. On the Michael Jackson Tribute Show they defeated Fat Joe and Zakk in a lumberjack match to win there second BCW Tag Team Championship. Later on that day King won his first BCW World Championship and named Commander D #1 contender. The match however ended in a draw.

King maintained his world title for a good couple of months and during that time Commander D won the brand new XZW United Heavyweight Championship from Jeff Matthews on the final day of August Thunder. This marked the first time both men were double champions on the same team at the same time. The world title was still in focus for Commander D who at Back To School Bash Day 2 won the BCW World Title in a three-way dance that included Johnny Smith making him a triple champion. The notion of the best man won was strong after the match. King injured his ankle and severly twisted it during a match on September 12th and was told that he could not wreslte for a month or two. This put the tag titles in jeopardy but Commadner D found a partner in his old partner Total Destruction. Until King returns TD will be his replacement

In wrestling

  • Theme music
    • 1967 by Dale Oliver

Championships and Accomplishments

Backstream Championship Wrestling

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