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Dan Mears
Ring name(s) Dan Mears
Height Unknown
Born Unknown
Resides Unknown
Debut Unknown

"The Nice Guy" Dan Mears is a member of The Leyland Wrestling Federation in the north of the UK.


He made his debut at Inception, taking on Akitaka and defeating him in ten seconds -- the quickest victory in The LWF. Later in the same evening, Mears was ordered by chairman Daryl Snape to replace AWOL referee Paul Bradley in the long awaited first ever LWF Championship match between Steve Bibby and James Bruce.

Despite showing little interest in the proceedings throughout and having to be threatened to do it in the first place, Mears took it upon himself to intervene during the later stages of the violent contest, preventing Bibby from setting a barbed wire laced bat on fire. This action would see him the victim of a wayward chairshot. Upon recovery, Mears would count a double fall after both participants crashed through the announcers table. After Daryl restarted the match, Mears finally counted the three to crown Bruce as champion, though it has been argued that the count was marginally quick.

In the following weeks, Mears made one appearance on the 6th edition of Mutiny, offering advice to Cub Johnson. Mears suggested Cub's troubled partner, Bear Johnson be placed in a match with Akitaka to boost his confidence as Mears knew it was an easy victory from his Inception match. The match however, did not take place.

Mears next appeared at Northern Warfare again as special referee in the match between Chemical Man and his first nemesis, Akitaka. Despite once again showing no interest in proceedings, Mears would prove a nuisance again as Akitaka was defeated after Mears stepped in his way when a victory looked imminent. Dan Wooley attempted to make a name for himself eyeing the felled Akitaka but Mears once again stepped in, only to be pushed by Wooley. Mears assaulted Wooley with a knee to the gut.

Dan Mears' popularity has grown since Inception and a fan club was made on Facebook by fan Jess Clay, christening his nickname, "The Nice Guy". His constant grinning and happy mood have made him a big hit with fans and viewers alike.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • The Toffee Hammer (Suplex Clutch Neck Breaker)
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