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Bywpedia is an english-only, documentational open-content database in which will work to entirely document notable backyard wrestling promotions credible of writing home about as well as their wrestlers whether past or present in an attempt to prevent the inevitably predicament where a majority of backyard federations and wrestlers wither off into utter obscurity, despite being minorly known from the outset. Bywpedia will possibly be the first ever documentation database for backyard wrestling, created and developed by D.Miller in 2008, a fan of such practice.

This documentation database will adequately supply updated news and headlines on the backyard wrestling world. It will feature federations, assist in promoting them and also situate them weekly in the "BYW Limelight" on the main page section (a feature that sheds light on a particular promotion to gain them attraction).


Bywpedia officially opens as a documentation project of backyard wrestling.

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