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Alan Jones
Ring name(s) Alan Jones
Height Unknown
Born Unknown
Resides Unknown
Debut Unknown

"The Eclipse" Alan Jones is a wrestler for The Leyland Wrestling Federation in the north of the UK.



Jones' moonsault.

Jones was scheduled to make his debut on the first episode of Monday Night Mutiny on July 2nd but was allegedly attacked backstage before his match with James Bruce, who would end up brawling with Steve Bibby -- the likely attacker.

Jones would not appear until nearly 5 months later on the 6th edition of Mutiny when he arrived during Vladimir Lugervoy's assault on Steve Bibby and H.A Snape, seemingly coming out to aid the company. Instead he would turn on them, aligning with Lugervoy and The Donn's alliance, becoming the 3rd LWF Superstar to jump ship.

On the 7th episode, he was involved in another chaotic night of fighting, beating down Matt Chadwick and throwing him in the back of his pickup truck. He controversially came close to hitting a group of pedestrians as he drove out of Bibby Towers.

At Northern Warfare on November 25th, Jones took part in a fatal four way elimination match for the number one contendership. With Lugervoy facing the winner, The LWF superstars were taking any chance to eliminate Jones to avoid an all-alliance title match. The impressive Matt Chadwick was first to receive Jones' finishing move, The Total Eclipse and a three count. After Bibby and Snape joined forces to take Jones out, Jones took advantage of a mistake and eliminated Snape via the same move.

Jones wowed the LWF viewers with an attempted moonsault, getting high elevation despite knowing Bibby was about to move. Jones landed on his feet and would later be beaten by a roll up after attempting a third Total Eclipse. He would retaliate however and get the move in, before smashing Bibby's knee with a steel chair as he lay prone in the ladders. He left after an altercation with Daryl Snape.

Character Reception

Jones has become a popular heel, particularly after his high flying antics at Northern Warfare and is expected to go far in the federation.

In Wrestling

  • Finishing Moves
  • The Total Eclipse (Fireman Carry Front Slam)
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