"The Sin City Saint" Chris Kazama

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"The Sin City Saint" Chris Kazama
Ring name Chris Kazama
Height 6'3"
Weight 335 lbs.
Born August 24th, 1990 (age 22)
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Resides Petersburg, VA by way of Las Vegas, NV
Debut 2009

Chris Kazama is an American backyard wrestler renowned with acclaim in the backyard wrestling community. He is involved with Washington D.C. based federation, DCW: Destroy Everything (DCW: DE) which he co-founded and debuted in since 2009.

Kazama began yarding in 2009, after he attempted to put to together a federation, while attending Potomac Job Corps Center, in South East Washington DC. Federation was based mostly on shoot fights that took place with the dormitory. After quickly realizing that they're just weren't enough guys who could actually grapple, the rules of the fed were changed to any activity that could be deemed a competition would then turn into a match in that fed. When 3 points were accumulated, a contender could challenge the champion at any game the challenger chose with the champion being forced to compete.

Once Chris Kazama graduated, the federation went defunct, with all but one of the former champions having graduated the center.


Backyard wrestling tenure

Bio summary

In 2010, Chris Kazama co-founded DCW: Destroy Everything which he continued to wrestle in under the name "Showstopper" Chris Kazama. Chris put up a series of "hype" to announce the beginning of the federation. On June 18th 2010, the first DCW: Destroy Everything match was held, a six man elimination match to determine the first DCW: Destroy Everything Champion. Kazama outlasted 4 other competitors only to lose the match via Chokeslam to Rink Awesome.

Age of Kazama (2010)

In the Summer of 2010, DCW: DE Champion Rink Awesome was attacked at his home. The attack forced Awesome to have his appendix removed and thusly vacate the title. The DCW Offices decided that the title shall be won in a tournament. When news of this broke, Chris decided that he need henchmen in order to help him gain the title. He formed the stable named "The Mutiny" consisting of The Juggernaut and Judas Mesias. His goal was to stop at nothing to get the title. Chris Kazama, Riku Heartliss, Judas Mesias, IcekhO1D Jordan, Rin Tetsuga and Kid Nova participated in the first ever Hellacious Hellview Heavyweight Title Tournament (H3T2).

Chris Kazama defeated Rin Tetsuga and Riku Heartliss on the same day in order to Advance to the Finals against Jordan. In a back and forth final, Chris Kazama debuted his new finisher the "Psycho Driver" in order to put Jordan away and win his first DCW: DE Championship. However on the same night, he lost a non-title match to the debuting Jay "Stellar" Jones. DCW: DE fuhrer Just Amazin' then scheduled JSJ versus Chris Kazama for the title on the next show.

While Kazama vs. JSJ didn't happen for quite a few weeks, Kazama went through the likes of Rink Awesome, Matt Kanyon, and Sonic Jr. before finally going one on one with Jones. Jones looked to have the match and the title, firmly in grasps, when Chris "accidentally" took out the referee. He called in his Mutiny stablemate The Juggernaut to hold JSJ upside down as Kazama gave him a Flash Kick to the skull. After pushing Juggernaut of the ring, he gave JSJ the Psycho Driver, when the ref came-to he could do nothing but count the fall.

The Offices took note to Chris's actions and ordered that at the first DCW Supershow "DCW I: Day of Reckoning" Chris Kazama take on Jay "Stellar" Jones for the DCW: Destroy Everything Championship. Matt Kanyon took offense to the statement and implanted himself into the match and made it a Triple Threat Match. Matt Kanyon couldn't make the show due to being injured away from the ring. The match was scheduled to be one on one until the news broke that it was Chris Kazama who actually attacked Rink Awesome and forced him to vacate his title. Just before the main event it was announced that the match would now be a Four Way Dance for the title, Including Chris Kazama, Jay 'Stellar" Jones, RIku Heartliss, and Kaiba Inoue. After giving Kazama a Capital J into a live electrical box Jay 'Stellar" Jones put Kazama away, won his first DCW Championship and finally ended the Age of Kazama, telling the camera's after being asked how he felt that he "felt better than Kazama' (a play on Kazama's "Better Than You" catchphrase.)


Chris Kazama turned over a new leaf so to speak after aligning himself with "The Black Dragon" Kaiba Inoue. His commonplace grunts, angry stares, and derogatory comments, were replaced with jokes, laughter, and derogatory comments.

In wrestling

  • Finishing and signature moves
    • Cerebral Cortex (Feint Neckbreaker into Discus Elbow Smash)
    • Psycho Driver (Argentine Back Breaker Rack into Piledriver)
    • Rockstar Vatican Assassin (Spinning Fireman's Carry Facebuster)
    • Spinning Enziguiri
    • Rolling Sole Butt
    • Stalling Vertical Suplex
    • Bucklebomb
    • Yakuza Kick
    • Downward Spiral (Side Effect)
    • Screwdriver
    • Roaring Elbow
    • Rolling Yakuza Kick
    • Flash Kick
    • Death Valley Driver into Neckbreaker
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